Maximize Your Online Dropshipping Business in this Holiday Season

  • Updated: Oct 09, 2021
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      The holiday season is favorable for dropshippers; thus, take this opportunity to promote your eCommerce. Several dropshipping stores have started their gimmick to boost sales, especially during Christmas or New Year seasons. Think about how you will relate your eCommerce during these holidays. 

      Christmas and New Year bring several eCommerce stores to business scaling — considering freebies and several kinds of treats to attract several customers since, during holidays, competency is prominent. Besides, people worldwide have been experiencing holidays once a year. So, dropshippers must be flexible in integrating holidays with their brands and products.

      Adaptability and flexibility are crucial in stimulating sales during holiday seasons. It indicates preparation and forethought to make your dropshipping store competent during the holiday season. Make sure during the holiday season, the more clients you have, the more employees you need to hire to process all of your product orders.


      Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your online dropshipping business in this holiday season:

      1. Get Ready For Incoming Traffic.

      During holidays, expect more traffic. Traffic is likely the visitors who read your articles or watch videos on your website. They classify into different categories — how your visitors arrive on your website. Google Analytics analyzes the traffic of your website — so monitor your traffic and plan to divert many visitors into your website.

      Upon initiating traffic, anticipate that you will soon receive numerous orders — make sure that your stock of products is adequate to accommodate all of your orders. An increase in traffic prompted more requirements to consider. Connect with suppliers now to ensure you're adequately stocked — regarding items that suit your brand.

      2. Be Able to Create a Smooth and Hassle-Free Customer Experience.

      Despite tense competition and pressure, you must consider preventing failures, disappointments, and inconveniences that might affect your relationship with your customers. Do you think your employees can resolve complaints or queries? If you believe they can, let them know how you value your eCommerce rating satisfactory. 

      Customers ask several questions and information regarding your products and the status of their orders — situations like that might affect the rating of your eCommerce. During holidays, several unexpected circumstances occur due to the massive amount of orders. Each customer expects your product free from defects; To meet this expectation, walk with your talk based on what your advertisements provided.

      3. Manage to Establish Satisfaction With Shipping and Fulfillment Options. 

      Customers' satisfaction plays a significant role in stimulating your eCommerce sales. During holidays, especially on Christmas, buyers expect a quality product and send gifts to their loved ones — thus, clients' orders are checked several times upon shipping. Satisfaction with the product prompts repetition of orders and sustains loyalty and trust. Besides, creating a camaraderie of friendship and quality services strengthen sellers' and buyers' relationship. Decide on a desirable dropshipping process — I advise you to follow the suggestions below to establish customer satisfaction: 

      • Make the packaging and unboxing experience memorable.
      • Establish a clear return policy.
      • You risk losing a sale if your return policy is too strict during the holiday season.


      4. Be Able to Make Strategic Holiday Marketing and Promotions.

      A holiday is not complete without availing of freebies or discounts — it's the only way to attract more customers despite prominent competition among eCommerce companies. For this reason, it is significant to ensure that your business is fully active — applying all the strategies needed in sustaining a competent eCommerce. Utilize the social media channels to promote your gimmicks during holidays — the best way to enhance your engagement. 

      5. Advance and Enhance Customer Service and Support.

      Secure committed support teams who handle customer queries and complaints who can respond quickly during holidays. If something turns out badly, a supportive customer representative could make a satisfied client. You ought to have committed telephone, email, and online media backing, and you ought to answer all requests within 24-48 hours.

      Furthermore, you might ask your customers regarding their shopping experience in your business. Customer feedback is helpful for the evaluation of your dropshipping business.

      6. Address and Talk to Suppliers in Advance.

      While you're obtaining your items, you should contact dropship merchants also, for they can be an incredible source of data. This needs to be done several weeks prior to the holiday season so that you have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and a backup plan in case something goes wrong. For, during holiday seasons, you're expecting a boatload of orders, and mostly, you end up out of stocks. Make an agreement with your supplier about your orders. Dropship merchants are wholesale companies that sell straightforwardly to dropshippers and retailers. Thus, having an accord with the supplier or a distributor is vital in stimulating more sales and orders, especially during Holiday seasons.

      7. Review and Familiarize With Company Policies. 

      Policies safeguard your eCommerce operation. During peak season or holidays, you will benefit from having a policy should unnecessary situations happen. In your policy, you can state how and when items might be returned. It enables your dropshipping store to guide this process and expects clients to follow it. Not having the policy could leave your organization open to the people who might exploit your dropshipping store or your generosity. 

      During the holiday season, you should clarify the following:

      • Returns or refunds

      • Shipping and taxes

      8. Develop an Advance Advertising Plan and Budget Allocation.

      Allocate a budget for your advertising campaign — prepare your product advertisements before the holiday season begins. Plan ahead about your desired product video or brand advertisements. Make a reservation to Dropideos right away for your video advertisement, for several clients' make an early reservation for their services, especially during holiday seasons.


      Here are a few steps you might take to accomplish this:

      • Create and allocate a budget to different channels after assessing your advertising channels.

      • Create an ad strategy that allows you to prioritize channels based on previous traffic and conversions.

      • Hire a team or delegate tasks to an existing team of full-time employees or freelancers to put your strategy into action.

      • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track the success of your efforts, such as traffic, sources, conversions, channels, clicks, and so on.

      • To generate buzz about your sale and store, create great content and use a solid social media strategy.

      • Use innovative strategies such as contests and giveaways, partnering with influencers, and developing a loyalty program to effectively promote your holiday sale.

      • Prepare your advertising strategy well in advance of the holidays. This would give you time to raise awareness about your store.

      9. Be Able to Learn About Top-Selling and In-Demand Products.

      The success or failure of eCommerce businesses relies upon their capacity to distinguish and fulfill clients' requirements. During the holiday seasons, there are specific products that are in demand. In the present market, each business needs to analyze customers' preferences and conduct inventory offhand. The analysis of in-demand products draws several ideas for decision-making.

      Here's what you can do to find out more about these products:

      • Examine the customer purchase history for the previous 9-12 months and select the products with the highest sales. 

      • Analyze your previous holiday season purchase history and select the products that performed exceptionally well.

      Buckle up!

      Whenever the holiday season comes, all store owners are expecting a lot of profit since all individuals are preparing for what could be the best present for their loved ones. In dropshipping, you can choose a lot of different products in different categories. It can be a teddy bear, a wallet, a book, an accessory, etc.

      Since all dropshippers are mostly selling almost the same products, the real competition here is how the dropship sellers are going to make sure-fire descriptions that will most likely engage all the potential buyers.

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      Holidays are always considered as a peak season, that’s why all e-commerce websites such as dropshipping prepare for bulk orders. 

      Dropideos creates video advertisements and thumbnails for your dropshipping products that are of excellent quality and click-worthy to the viewer, as we are discussing on how to make your dropshipping store stand out during the holiday season.

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