Video Marketing Tips For Ecommerce Business Owners

  • Updated: Mar 03, 2022
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      Whenever it comes to purchasing products online, your customers would like to see what they're getting. While you may have decided to invest in high-quality product images, written appealing product descriptions, and even gathered customer reviews, nothing tells the true story quite like an engaging video.

      Customers are more likely to fall in love with a product if they can see how it works and why other customers prefer it. Creating eCommerce videos may appear to be a large investment, but the payoff is always worthwhile.

      Here's why you might use video marketing for your eCommerce business to sell more products online and raise brand awareness.

      Should I use eCommerce Video Marketing?

      Without a doubt, this influences how consumers engage with content, absorb information, make purchasing decisions, and share information across the web. These were the eyes that should be looking at your eCommerce brand and products.

      Streaming video not only receives a lot of traffic, but it can also help with conversions. Landing pages with media content have been shown to increase conversions by up to 80%. Even mentioning "video" in the subject line increases the open rate by 19% for email campaigns.

      Video content is no longer merely a "tactic" for promoting your products online; it is the main strategy. For eCommerce businesses, video content is incredibly useful. This is why.

      What Makes Video Marketing So Effective?

      Video marketing enables you to tell a story about your product offerings and start engaging potential customers in a novel way. Videos make your products come to life.

      Whereas a still photo and a brief description provide an overview of your product, a video allows you to demonstrate all of its functions and advantages.

      You can demonstrate what it's like for other customers to use your product, what they like about it, and what sets your brand apart from the competition. You can make a music video, tell a story, or use humor.

      The Advantages of eCommerce Video Marketing

      How Can I grow My Ecommerce Business with Video Marketing?

      • Explain how to use your products
      • Describe all of the features and functionality
      • Share happy customer reviews
      • Create a story around your product
      • Tell customers about your business mission and values
      • Show your product in action
      • Compare your product to your competitors
      • Instill more confidence in potential customers
      • Drive home the benefits and what makes you stand out

        Video content helps prospective customers feel more at ease with your product. They can see the product's quality with their own eyes.

        It also makes it simple for users to share your content on social media, which raises awareness of the brand and broadens your reach.

        Making viral video content could have a significant impact on your eCommerce business.

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        What Types of Videos Can You Create?

        Only your imagination limits the potential of your video content ideas.

        As an eCommerce store, you most likely offer a variety of products, each of which could be advertised in several types of videos.

        If you have a good understanding of what your potential customers want and need, as well as what your current customers love about your products, you can come up with creative what type of video content will be most appealing to them.

        Here are some examples of videos you can make to engage potential customers and enhance online sales.

        1. Short Marketing Videos

        You don't need a high-end camera or a video production team to create effective marketing videos. Making high-quality videos from your computer or smartphone is now easier than ever.

        You can answer frequently asked customer questions, discuss what makes your brand unique, or tell the world the launch of the new product. You can prepare your video content in the same way that you would plan out your digital  marketing, with a script, an offer, and a plan for where to share your content.

        Short, concise, authentic videos can sometimes be the most effective way to gain online consumers' trust in your brand. There's no need for all of the bells and whistles. Just be sure to put the best forward.

        2. Product Tutorial or How-To Videos

        Product tutorial videos can benefit both current and prospective customers. You can demonstrate to a new customer how to use a product, explain its benefits, and answer any questions they may have.

        3. Animated Product Videos

        If you do not even need to be in the video or hire an actor to be in it, animated videos are another option. You can find digital creators online who can create fun and vibrant colors videos that are sure to catch the attention of a potential customer.

        4. Set-Up/Installation or Product Manual

        Nobody enjoys reading a long manual. You can better explain how to set up your new product to customers by creating product setup and installation videos.

        Users are constantly looking for information about the products they already own. Having videos based on their most frequently asked questions is excellent for search engine optimization (SEO), which will drive more traffic to your eCommerce store or YouTube channel.

        5. Product Reviews & Testimonials

        While there are numerous places where users can read reviews of your product offerings, nothing beats a video testimonial.

        For one thing, it's much more difficult to fake video testimonials, so potential customers are more likely to believe the reviews are genuine. Furthermore, watching videos is far more engaging than reading online reviews. Users will be enticed to purchase at your online store once they see the smiles on your customers' faces.

        6. Expert Interviews

        Interviewing experts about your products or a topic of interest to your audience is an excellent way to establish authority in your company. People are always interested in learning new things and hearing about upcoming trends from the best-of-the-best.

        Furthermore, if the expert shares your video with their own audience, you may extend your reach even further.

        7. Facebook or Instagram Live

        There was no need for your videos to be pre-recorded anymore, thanks to the rise of live video platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

        Log in to your social networking site, plan your message, and go Live. Not only can you communicate with your supporters in real time, but you can also share your video on social media or upload it to YouTube to be repurposed into additional content.

        Live video is extremely interactive, and it is an excellent way for your followers to communicate with your brand.

        8. Story-Based Videos

        Story-based videos have been the most effective type of video content. These videos do more than just describe your product; they weave a story around it that your potential customers will remember.

        Consider Nike shoe advertisements. They don't just describe the shoe's features and benefits. They show someone doing sports, having fun, and connecting with friends while wearing Nike shoes. With this approach, the actor's joy is all that customers need to see to be persuaded that Nike products will make their lives better.

        You can create that sense of connection with your potential customers by using story-based videos.

        Here are the best video marketing tips for eCommerce stores:

        10 Video Marketing Tips to Increase Online Sales

        Creating amazing, high-converting eCommerce marketing videos takes time and effort, but the payoff can be enormous.

        When it comes to attracting more traffic to your eCommerce website and converting users into paying customers, video content can work wonders. Even if you've never created a video before, it's worthwhile to experiment with this effective form of marketing.

        Follow the steps and video marketing tips below to create eCommerce videos that are sure to increase sales through your website.

        1. Know Your Audience

        Before you start making video content, we recommend doing some market research to test some ideas. If you're going to put time and effort into producing high-quality videos, you should make sure they're set up for success.

        Make certain you understand what your potential customers are looking for in a product. What have been their biggest challenges with previous solutions or products? What problem (if any) are they attempting to solve?

        You could also ask satisfied customers what they like best about your products. All of these can be addressed in your videos as benefits and key advantages.

        2. Know Your Goals and KPIs

        Always keep in mind that you have goals to attain and in order to do that you must first have objectives and reminders to keep you on track with what you do. One good example of this is establishing your own key performance indicators (KPIs). 

        Below are examples of KPIs that you need to consider:

        • Average Order Value (AOV)
        • Gross Profit
        • Conversion Rate (CR)
        • Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (CAR)
        • Shopping Cart Conversion Rate (CCR)
        • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
        • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
        • Churn Rate
        • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
        • Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR)
        • Average Profit Margin
        • Revenue per Click (RPC)
        • Purchase Frequency
        • Time Between Purchases
        • Inventory Turnover
        • Holding Inventory Ratio
        • Revenue Per Visitor
        • Net Profit Margin

        3. Set a Budget

        What are you hoping to accomplish with your videos? Do you want to increase your subscriber base? What about social shares? What about direct sales? Knowing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will help determine your approach and how you plan to measure performance.

        For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, you could make a more "viral-worthy" video that is highly interactive rather than an interview or product tutorial.

        If your goal is to increase traffic through SEO, you could create videos with the search terms "best [product] online" or "[brand] vs [brand] review."

        4. Invest in High-Quality 

        It's easy to spend a lot of money on video marketing, especially when your mind is full of creative ideas. However, as with any other form of marketing, you must consider your potential ROI.

        An allocation will help you maintain a reasonable margin and set a limit on how much you can invest in video creations but you also should be certain to invest with ecommerce platforms or sites that creates premium quality video marketing ads that will absolutely help you with promoting your products to ensure that any investment you make counts and will never be a loss to your business. 

        5. Keep it Short

        In general, shorter is better. You want to emphasize the main benefits of your product while not detracting from the main point. If you include too much filler content, the main goal may be lost.

        6. Create a Script

        Whether you're making a pre-recorded video or going "live," you'll need a script to keep you on track. Again, this will focus on ensuring that you do not stray from the primary issue or ramble for too long.

        Your video, like copywriting, will require a "hook" to entice your audience and a call-to-action. If you're not sure how to create a narrative that sells, it's best to consult with a video marketing professional.

        7. Include a Call-to-Action

        When viewers have finished watching your video, it should be clear what action they should take next. Make it a point to invite them to visit your website, call you, press a button, or take some other action in order to engage with your content.

        Although it may appear to be a no-brainer, users can become confused if your video is left open-ended. Make it simple for them to locate you and purchase your products online.

        8. Use the Right Equipment

        Even if you don't have cutting-edge equipment, you can record videos for your eCommerce store using a smartphone camera. However, if you can afford to invest in better hardware or a production team, you will undoubtedly reap the benefits.

        The proper equipment will produce higher-quality video, reduce background noise, and add effective lighting, among other benefits. These small details can make a big difference.

        9. Edit and Add Music

        After recording a video, you can edit it and add music and other features. You can edit out awkward situations, reduce ambient noise, boost quality, and add subtitles and captions.

        Appropriate editing will improve the aesthetics and engagement of your videos. If you don't even know how to edit videos, hire a professional video editor to assist you.

        10. Share Across Platforms

        Because you've put in the time, money, and effort to create amazing video content, you'll want it to reach as many people as possible.

        Your videos can be repurposed to be featured on your website, shared on social media, and incorporated into email campaigns. You can generate even more organic traffic by writing a blog post and embedding the video. Include product videos on your product pages if you created them.

        Remember that video marketing requires marketing, so you should have a strategy in place for marketing your content in a variety of ways. This will assist you in generating the highest possible ROI from online sales on your eCommerce store.

        Begin utilizing advertising for your eCommerce store.

        It's crowded online these days, and a strong video marketing strategy is essential for helping your brand stand out. While getting started with video marketing may appear intimidating, you don't have to be a pro video editor to generate ecommerce videos for every marketing channel and platform under the sun.

        We are living in an era of software and tools that make video marketing accessible to people of all skill levels. In a few clicks (and some digital elbow grease), you can adorn your website with a stunning homepage hero or a product demo, then sit back and watch those sales grow.

        If this is your goal, is a great website that could help you make your goals possible!


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        Wrapping up 

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        These are some of the reasons why Dropideos is an excellent E-commerce partner:

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